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Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters is committed to supporting
Fair Trade & Organic Coffee Farmers.

Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters is committed to helping coffee farmers all around the world. The Fair Trade movement provides a tremendous improvement in the lives of more than five million coffee farmers and their families. We can make a difference!

Americans drink one-fifth of the world’s coffee but few of us realize the crisis coffee farmers face today. 70% of coffee today is grown on small farms without Fair Trade polices in place it forces them into a life cycle of poverty. Children are often pulled from their schools to help pick the coffee beans when the harvest begins ( as my wife was at the age of 4 years old).

Buying Fair Trade coffees provides a community with development funds that enables cooperatives and associations to invest in their communities. When you buy Fair Trade you are helping coffee farmers in community development, health, education, and environmental stewardship. Industry recognition of the importance of Fair Trade is growing; Blue Macaw continues to increase our annual commitment to supporting Fair Trade coffee farmers. Our commitment is for fair wages and better living conditions for coffee farmers throughout the world.

Why Blue Macaw Coffee believes Organic coffees are better !

Organic is a term people are becoming familiar with today. Coffee is the second largest agricultural crop in the world and the third most heavily chemically sprayed. Three quarters of the coffee grown around the world is sprayed with chemicals that are banned in developed countries for their toxicity to people.

Organic coffee tastes better because it is grown without these harmful chemicals & pesticides allowing you to taste the natural flavors of the coffee bean. All of our organic coffees are Shade Grown when possible. When coffees are grown under a canopy of shade trees this creates a balanced ecosystem and provides migrating birds a place to stop, rest and fertilize the coffee below. Additional crops that lack of dependence of harsh chemicals like bananas or mangos are often grown with the coffee as a natural defense system for the coffee.