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Amazing Coffee starts with Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters !

Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters relies on over 38 years of combined experience to bringing you the finest coffees on the planet.

My name is Darling; and I'm honored to introduce you to our company, Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters. We are a family owned and operated business; and we take great pride in bringing to market the finest coffees in the world. Being a family owned business should be important to you because this means we take great pride in our coffees.

I grew up in the coffee producing region of Nicaragua. I was born & raised in Leon, Nicaragua and grew up around coffee all of my life. As a small child I remember helping my father pick coffee for the local co-operative. I started learning about coffee when I was 4 years old when my dad took me to work with him. I learned how to spot the attributes of high quality coffee beans as a young child. It was there that my husband, our roast master, and I meet. A short time later we were married & returned to America and opened Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters.

I now travel to most of the countries we import our coffees from each year to inspect & cup the coffees that are going to be offered by our company. Since I have developed a personal relationship with these farmers by visiting them each year we always get their finest Gourmet Grade Coffee Beans.

My husband learned the art of roasting coffee while he lived in Costa Rica for six years & worked with 3 different coffee roasting companies. Blue Macaw combines the old world coffee roasting techniques of Central America with the high-tech digital technologies of today's small batch roasters. Our company roasts all of our coffees using three Probat L25 roasters (The finest roasters in the industry) to bring you the finest small batch roasted coffees available. I’m sure you will find each of our coffees are of the finest quality coffees money can buy.

Taste for yourself why so many restaurants & coffee shops
are now severing Blue Macaw Coffees.

Roasted In Small Batches To Guarantees An Even, Medium Roast ! Small batch roasting is more expensive because of labor costs, but this roasting technique ensures that each batch of coffee is of superior quality and roasted evenly to the desired roast profile, not mass produced. This process draws out the best possible flavor in each batch. Small batch roasting permits a higher quality of standards in coffee throughout the complete process: from picking out the correct coffee beans, to choosing the correct charge & drop temperature & then to slowly roasting each small batch to perfection.

Small Batch Roasting Also Enables Us To Offer More Varietals of Coffee ! Since we roast our coffee each morning in three 25 kilo roasters & ship that same afternoon we have a special ability to be able to carry many varieties of coffee. Since we don't have to worry about roasting large amounts of coffee to fill a small order & sell the rest before the remainder goes stale. We have the capability of roasting 5 pounds of one special coffee for a customer. Then we can moving on to a more popular selling coffee & roast 100 pounds all within a very short time span.

I can assure that you will never find a company so dedicated to bringing you the finest & freshest coffees from all over the world.


Darling & Family