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Exotic Coffees From Exotic Countries !

Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters relies on 5 key components
to bringing you the finest coffees on the planet.

SMALL BATCH ROASTING ALSO ENABLES US TO OFFER MORE VARIETALS OF COFFEE Since we roast our coffee each morning in six 25 kilo roasters & ship that same afternoon we have a special ability to be able to carry many varieties of coffee. This is because we don't have to worry about roasting large amounts of coffee to fill a small order & sell the rest before the remainder goes stale. We have the capability of roasting 5 pounds of one special coffee for a customer. Then we can move on to a more popular selling coffee & roast 100 pounds all within less than an hour.

Hunting down the finest quality gourmet coffee beans on the planet !

Darling is our companie's coffee hunter, she begins by selecting the finest quality gourmet coffee beans she can find in each coffee growing region we purchase from. With her extensive knowledge of coffee beans from over 28 years of experience in the coffee industry, you can rest assured knowing that she will hunt you down the finest coffee grown on Earth!

Fresh roasted every morning & shipped that afternoon !

We never inventory any of our roasted coffees; they are only roasted when a coffee order is receive. Within hours your coffee order will be roasted, packaged and shipped all within 24! This ensures you the freshest coffee in the industry.

Roasted in 6 small batch P-25 Probat digital roasters!

We use the most respected coffee roasting equipment in the industry we roast all our coffees in 6 small batch P-25 Probat digital roasters. By using 6 small batch Probat P-25 coffee roasters we can assure you a higher quality roast of your coffee beans with amazing consistency. Sure we can afford a larger roaster but then we would give up our ability to roast the finest small batch coffees imaginable.

Resealable Zip Lock 1-way degassing valve bags !

To make sure our coffee remains & maintains its freshness we only packaged our coffees in a resealable Zip Lock 1-way degassing valve bags. This way your coffee is guaranteed to be it's freshest for the longest period of time. We also only ship USPS Priority Mail because it only takes 2 or 3 days to get anywhere in the country & you have tracking so you may see where your coffee is fast.